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Dear students,

Unfortunately, there will be no classes after the end of Term 3, 2017, as Sue is taking a 'gap year'.

She will be back for Term 4, 2018



This is where our lovely hall is: 




          Term Dates

Tuesdays NO
Wednesdays CLASSES
Thursdays UNTIL
Fridays TERM 4, 2018




Community Tai-Chi   

(12.15pm class, Tuesdays,Wednesdays and Thursdays )

If you live or work in the Ryde/ Marsfield/Epping Community, our 30 minute lunchtime Tai Chi classes give you the opportunity to experience an oasis of calm.

You'll learn how to be relaxed and energised not just in class but in your normal activities as well.

The Beginners Programme is designed to give you time to do the class, have lunch and still be back at work or home within an hour. Check out the Classes, Venues and Fees page for a class that suits you.

It's a drop in class, so you can come on a casual basis (just turn up) or you can sign up for the Term, click here to pay by PayPal or pay after your first class. If you would like to try the class before you decide, click here to book your trial class.


What is Tai Chi?


Tai Chi is a powerful but gentle form of low impact exercises using martial arts principles and movements to strengthen and relax the mind and body. It's easy to follow and the slow, flowing movements reduce stress, improve flexibility and muscle strength and increase energy.

What will you learn in class?

Tai Chi Instructors

What do our students say about Tai Chi?

"My balance is so much better and I feel more stable"

"I've been overseas and I do a lot of walking with my bag on my shoulder. I found the neck and shoulder exercises from Tai Chi really soothed the stiffness. Also on the long haul flight I could do Tai Chi sitting and standing which helped with the jet lag".

"My Tai Chi class is more relaxing than my nerve pills!"

"I went kayaking over the weekend and I was saying to myself "do less, do less" and it worked! Rather than trying harder, I relaxed my muscles like we do in class and it was so much easier to row that I actually started enjoying it."

"I was gardening the other day and thinking how good my balance is which I think is a credit to Tai Chi. When I was stepping backwards out of a garden bed or over a garden surround, I just found myself thinking it through like a Tai Chi movement and doing it slowly and thoughtfully".

"I'm finding it very relaxing".
"I had the best sleep in ages!!"
"I've had a stiff neck for a few months but it's starting to feel a lot better since I've been doing Tai Chi".
"I've noticed a big improvement in my joint movements
(I have arthritis)".
"I just feel relaxed and happy after the class".
"I wasn't expecting Tai Chi to be so much fun!!!".
"I use the ferry a lot and I've found my balance has improved after only 4 weeks Tai Chi".


Businesses supporting Tai Chi:



There will be no new bookings for a Beginners free trial class until September 2018.



Preferred Class:

You will receive an email (within 24hours) with the date of the next available free class

If you prefer, you can call or text us on 0419 231 098

Student Information

If you are already a student, have a look at the handouts and articles, browse the music playing this Term or look for a photo of you in class!




Tai Chi Music

If you're interested in meditation, this is the CD for you.....

Niall's Total Serenity CD .

On the cover, there are reminders and hints for practicing meditation for daily living with tracks designed for 5, 10, or 15 minute meditation.


Check out the other music we play in class on the Handouts page. You can listen to a selection of the tracks we use and buy the CD by clicking on the direct link to the artist's web site.




Is Tai Chi different from other exercise?


Yes, because the movements are never forced, the muscles are relaxed rather than tensed, the joints are not fully extended or bent and connective tissues are not stretched. The principle is to do less, so that the body is allowed to relax and regenerate while using just enough movement to do the exercises and keep the circulation systems optimised.



Why Tai-Chi?

  • Scientifically proven health benefits for a range of health conditions such as diabetes, back problems, asthma, arthritis and many more
  • Its very relaxing (dynamic relaxation)
  • It improves flexibility
  • Helps balance and coordination
  • Techniques can be used in everyday life to reduce stress

Why Take Away Tai Chi?

  • Specialized programmes designed to teach beginners of all ages and stages of fitness (or unfitness!)
  • Techniques can be used in everyday life to help reduce stress
  • Happy, relaxed, easy to follow classes

  • Trained, experienced Instructors
  • Flexible timetable with drop in classes and a discounted fee for unlimited classes
  • Make up classes if you miss any during the Term
  • Easy payment options by credit card in class and Pay Pal online
  • Easy parking